20 Super Cute & Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Can Grab Today!

Kitchen is probably the messiest part of the house. Utensils all over the place, ladles oozing with soup, crumbs on the floor, knives on the aisle, tea leaves trapped on the sink… how in this world can you make this place cute and pretty if everything is disorganized and nonetheless cluttered!

Fortunately, this world is filled with genius minds that in the name of being cool and funky, even simple kitchen accessories can make you smile nonstop! Here’s the 20 cool kitchen gadgets we’ve found on the web that you can actually purchase today! Yes, they are not 3D renders or hoax stuffs! But don’t expect a battery operated robot to clean your kitchen mess in a second, these are super cool but very useful simple kitchen gadgets.

1. Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster ladle

2. This tired and sleepy tea infuser

3. Cute custom engraved rolling pins

4. Jaws tea infuser

5. And this creepy blood splash set!

6. Gemstone ice cube tray

7. Magic wand salt & pepper shaker

8. This mitten ice tongs are so… CUTE!

9. Hedgehog grater – grating cheese with a style!

10. This boogey yolk separator is so cute but a bit yucky!

11. Slice and serve pizza scissors

12. The canon popcorn maker

13. Shark teeth knife sharpener

14. And this funky shark dipping sushi plate

15. Brain-inspired ice cube molds

16. Triceratops corn cob holder

17. Jumbo Mambo, the elephant utensil drainer!

18. Using this on a bread is a bit hard huh?

19. Awesome little monkey hooks

20. Literally… very cool shooters!

Photos from: boredpanda

Wow! These unique and very cool kitchen gadgets makes me so want to cook right now! The 19th is my favorite but looking at boogey the yolk separator makes me think twice! Isn’t he so adorable? J These amazing kitchen gadgets are a nice additional to your kitchen, and they are functional too! Do you think your friends will like it?