Watch This $250-Million Aircraft Do A Vertical Take Off!

For aerodynamic fanatics, watching the Boeing Dreamliner up in the air is such a bedazzling sight to behold. It’s like the Ferrari and Cartier of airplanes, luxuriously magnificent. But don’t let this powerful aircraft fool your eyes. Aside from having a sexy appearance, it can equally do aero stunts that will literally blow your minds!

With the upcoming 2015 Paris Air Show that will run from June 15-21 at Le Bourget Airport, Boeing has unveiled their hot-selling airplane, the 280-seater Dreamliner 787-9. In the pursuit to wow potential buyers, which should be millionaires and mega-companies, the company released a video of the jet doing stunts on the runaway. One of which is the highly anticipated near vertical take-off that only high-performance military jets can perform.

Don’t believe us, here’s the evidence folks!


Actually Boeing has performed a more amazing flyover last year in Farnborough Air Show with the touch and go landing then take off. Though for safety reasons, it was left out this year.

The airplane used in the performance will be servicing Vietnam Airlines making them so lucky because only 19 Dreamliner planes are available out there! Additionally, the Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 is dead expensive at $250 million!

But don’t you worry people, the Boeing Dreamliner will not perform these breathtaking stunts when you’re in there. It’s just showing off how amazing it can fly without much of a trouble. Hmm… I’m getting excited to book a seat on this airplane!