They Took a 3D Printer and Printed Something You’ll Never Imagine Possible

For those who doesn’t have a green thumb, gardening must be the most boring and very disappointing thing to do in life. Imagine that you have to choose the right pot, hand pick the perfect soil, bury the seeds, water the foliage, and wait until it survives (hopefully!). But what if gardening and technology unites as one? Now things are getting more interesting huh!

A group of students from the University of Maribor in Slovenia, developed a one-of-a-kind printer that will definitely make gardening more fun and exciting! Called the “printGreen”, now you can literally print a garden into any shape or size you desire.


Wow! I never knew that 3D gardening is possible. Just look at this cool vase-like garden!

The group uses a modified CNC printer.

But instead of using ink, it shoots out a damp clay-like soil that is filled with small seeds. With proper care, these seeds will then grow into grass.

The printGreen was designed by a group of student under the Intermediate Arts Program of the University. For them, they want to combine art, nature and technology into one. Although this looks like a strange idea for now, it only proves that the future of gardening is here to amaze us!


This is how the machine looks like…

With 3D gardening you can create living artwork, green signs, astounding garden displays and more!

The embedded seeds now growing into grass.

Personalize pots can be printed as well!

If you’re wondering how this 3D garden printer works, here it is in action:

Source: viralnova

I am aware with 3D printers but using it to create a real garden… man this is amazing! Who knows that one day we might be able to use 3D gardening to yield edible produce! This concept is really space saving, efficient, amazing and best of all, environment friendly! Hit the comments section below for your thoughts.