They Took A 3D Printer To Print Everyday Objects. The End Result Will Shock You.

When it comes to new forms of technology, 3D printing is indeed one of the hottest. The possibilities with 3D printing are endless. You can create wonderful objects that are both amazing and striking. But what if you took 3D printing on the next level, say incorporate it on our daily lives? Would it yield valuable results?

This is the main objective of Bozar Expo in Brussels, Belgium. They want to incorporate series of 3D printed works from the fields of art, design, science and engineering. The exhibit is called “making a difference / a difference in making”. Well, what they came up with will certainly blow you away. I actually want that #3!


1. 3D Printed Dress,  “Escapism”

3d - printing

Called “escapism” this highly couture dress is made by Iris Van Herpen with Daniel Widrig and Materialise. Just look at those sexy geometrics flowing around fabulously!


2. 3D Printed Shoe, “098XYZ”

3d - printing

Boys don’t be jealous, this “098XYZ” is made for you. Designed by Earl Stewart, this shoe exemplifies the use of modern technology and traditional craft.


3. 3D Printed Stool, “One Shot”

3d - printing

From .MGX Collection, this stool called “one shot” designed by Patrick Jouin will really look good on every house. The joints allows the chair to twist and turn so that it could save space especially on cramped apartments.


4. 3D Printed Bike, “fix3d”

3d - printing

Yet for James Novak, designing this “fix3d” bike frame couldn’t be any better. The lattice structure gives the bike a lightweight yet sturdy support. I wonder how to keep it clean all the time though…


5. 3D Printed Stoneware, “caco3

3d - printing

Designers Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly on the other hand crafted this stunning stoneware called “caco3”. Can you imagine using this to hold your fruits? Pretty neat huh!


6. 3D Printed Chair, “ti-join”

This “ti-join” chair made by Peter Donders is rigidly light. It might look wobbly at first but he combined it with carbon fiber tubes to uphold the structure’s strength while using as little material as possible.


If we can make these amazing objects in just one go using technology, just image what’s in store for us in the future! Are you excited to see planes and cars made through 3D printing? Whoa! That’s sounds a bit scary to me! Do you think your friends will like this?