5 Best Running Shoes to Buy in 2015

The numbers of runners around the world is constantly growing. If you decided to join a marathon or simply run to get fit, you may need to consider investing on the best running shoes.


There are many awesome brands of running shoes for you to choose from. However, finding the perfect pair that will suit your running style and requirements can be a bit of a challenge. It is very necessary to work out the best for you. Go to sports shops just like Sweatshop.co.uk or Vivobarefoot as they conduct full gait analysis to identify the best shoes for everyone.


Here is a list of the best running shoes for 2015. Every pair of shoes that appeared below has been tested. It means that they have been worn and put through the tracks.


  1. Adidas Ultra Boost
Adidas Ultra Boost, Best Running Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports

Adidas Ultra Boost

This pair has 20% more Boost cushioning that its predecessors. The midsoles have been removed making your foot closer to the floor. As your foot strikes, the Stretch Web outsole moves while Primeknit tech improves support and ensures comfort. The heel was completely modified for better movement and fitting with a nifty sock lining.


  1. Saucony Triumph ISO
Saucony Triumph ISO, Best Running Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports

Saucony Triumph ISO

Triumph is a lightweight pair of running shoes that boasts Saucony’s ISOFIT and PWRGRID. It gives off a snug fit that minimizes roughness. It also has 20% more cushioning than the previous versions. Saucony Triumph ISO will give you a very smooth ride that lasts.


  1. PUMA Mobium Elite Speed Night Cat
PUMA Mobium Elite Speed Night Cat, Best Running Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports

PUMA Mobium Elite Speed Night Cat

The design and structure of this pair of running shoes are best for speedy midfoot and forefoot strikers. It also has the second generation Mobium Elite that boasts the Night Cat print for improved visibility at dusk. The fit has a new elasticated band provisioned that will move with your tendons at the same time.


  1. Under Armour Speedform 2014
Under Armour Speedform 2014, Best Running Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports

Under Armour Speedform 2014

This fit has a moulded heel cup for additional comfort and stability. There are also some holes added at the top for breathability. Barefoot runners will greatly appreciate its lightness.


  1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 21
ASICS Gel-Kayano 21, Best Running Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports

ASICS Gel-Kayano 21

This pair of shoes boasts a whole load of tech and can be more related to a computer than a fitness tool. It has Impact Guide System for toe strikes while FluidRide boosts durability and cushions your feet. The added gel to the front and rear guarantees comfort. ASICS Gel-Kayano 21 is recommended for hardcore runners.