These 5 High-Tech Survival Gears Will Help You Outlast Everyone in a Zombie Apocalypse

Today’s horror entertainment would never leave out the horrifying gore and dramatic scenes of a zombie apocalypse. You’ve watch Rick Grimes kicked some zombie ass. You’ve survived the ever-creepy game of Resident Evil 1 (1996). Your son or daughter has probably whacked millions of zombie heads with Plants vs. Zombies 2.


Given all of that exposure, didn’t it slip your mind that the world would end during your lifetime? And have you ever thought that instead of an instant death like a meteor striking the Earth, you might experience a slow, bloody and gruesome demise during a zombie apocalypse? So if a zombie outbreak hits your region, would you be ready?


Fictional characters have survived without the below list. But having these would surely increase your chance of staying alive as the real thing has no “main actor immunity” or “fan save”.


  1. Iridium Satellite Phone
Satellite Phone, Iridium Satellite, Zombie Apocalypse, High-Tech Gear

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

Once the outbreak began, power supply, telephone lines and 3G sites might be down. This means that your latest iPhone, HTC or Samsung device would only play the role of a tech brick during the apocalypse. Good thing is that zombies are not powerful enough to affect the satellite. During day one or even before anything else comes, get yourself an Iridium Extreme phone which you can use to call for help.


  1. PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator
Power Pot, High-Tech Gear, Zombie Apocalypse

Re-chargeable Power Pot

If zombies eat the flesh of every unfortunate prey, a man has got to eat as well. Though you can loot canned and packed goods from a lifeless convenience store, there would be times when you have to cook an uninfected animal you just killed.

PowerPot doesn’t just let you cook your meals over a campfire but it can also absorb the heat and store up electricity. Perfect for charging the Iridium Satellite Phone you’ve got.


  1. Night Owl Tactical Series Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles, Night Vision, in the dark, Zombie Apocalypse, High-Tech Gear

Night Vision Goggles

A survivor thinks ahead and finds himself a safe place to stay before the night falls. But if you’re not lucky enough, you need some light to see your path. Using a flashlight is not a good idea. Apart from attracting zombies, you might be able to draw the attention of some villains. At these times, night vision goggles would come in handy. Hide and find your way through survival.


  1. Voltaic Array Solar Charger

    Solar Bag, High-Tech Gear, Zombie Apocalypse

    Solar Bag

While walking under the sun to find a safe haven, you can take advantage of the sun’s rays with a solar bag to pack some energy for your gadgets. Considering the weight to not slow you down, this high-tech bag is just right for longer hours of track.


  1. SteriPen
SteriPen, Water Treatment, Zombie Apocalypse, High-tech Gear


A chase with the flesh-eaters is the worst time to gain diarrhea. Unless you don’t mind excreting your stuff while running, you need to prevent drinking contaminated water. If you suspect the water in a nearby lake to be unsafe, the water-purifying SteriPen would be very useful. Just remember that a pen provides 8,000 treatments so don’t forget to count.


source: techradar