5 Home Experiments That Are Fantastically Mind Boggling!

Experiments are always cool, in fact that is the only reason why I love attending Science classes. If not for these cool tricks and awesome experiments, Science would be my ultimate waterloo! As a kid growing up, I always love doing experiments. From simple litmus paper test to complicated hydrogen peroxide elephant’s toothpaste, I purely adore these experimentations.

But as a grownup adult, how in the world can these easy-to-make school experiments become useful? I wouldn’t brush my teeth using that foamy peroxide stuff? Or test every water in the house for alkalinity using litmus paper. Well, the famed YouTuber Grant Thompson came up with these 5 home experiments that are simple to make, safe, easy, and best of all applicable in the real world!


5 Home Experiments That Are Actually Useful

Video from: YouTube


If you’re wondering where to use these experiments, here’s some suggestions:

  • Hot bottles for easy filling of juices
  • Penny trick for making emergency led lights
  • Pee fire if you’re in the jungle
  • Butter fire when candles runs out
  • Small flame thrower for a unique way to make bonfires

Who would have thought that these very simple to make experiments that although looks unusable can actually make a difference on our everyday lives. That pee thing looks awful but if you’re in the middle of the jungle with no matches or even a lighter on your pocket; that experiment can help save your life! What’s really surprising is the butter thing, even on my wildest imagination I never thought that it’s possible!

Why don’t you try these experiments at home and let us know the results by hitting the comments section below? Sharing this to your friends wouldn’t hurt either so go ahead and let’s spread the awesomeness of Science!