5 Magnificent Architectures Built To Reunite With Nature

Nowadays, we live in a highly revolutionized and super modern world. Blazing fast internet connection, bullet trains, 4G signal everywhere, huge shopping malls, towering condominiums, modern bridges and all others are just some of the modern structures we truly enjoy. They give us every day convenience, it helps us save time, and best of all they make us feel more comfortable.

However even if these modern structures are made to give us daily convenience, they definitely put a toll on Mother Nature.  When building contemporary infrastructures usually there is a trade off, and in this case it is the beauty of the environment. In exchange of expediency, we sacrifice the magnificent exquisiteness of the earth.

But if you think that modern infrastructures are always built this way, better think again because what you’re about to see is a real game changer. Instead of destroying our Mother Nature, these 5 amazing natural architectures are actually built to unify with our environment!


1. An Abandoned Japanese Mountain Farm

2. Amazing Rock House in Thailand

3. The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar, Tanzania

4. Solkan Bridge in Slovenia

5. Property within the Mountain Slope

H/T to: imgur

These amazing natural architectures are truly fantastic! Who would have thought that it is possible to build a sturdy bridge without destroying the mountain? And building a restaurant on top of a huge beach rock? These structures are really inspiring!

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