5 Micro Apartments That Proves Space Is Not An Issue!

Nowadays, space is considered to be an ultimate luxury. With the growing population all across the globe, sadly the land area isn’t growing together with population. And this is the main reason why every inch of space is considered to be a much treasured asset more valuable than gold. Urban dwellers can relate to this as office spaces and city apartments are becoming smaller as days goes by.

But for experienced designers and architects, it’s not important how big the space is but what matters most is how you’re going to use that space to make it functional yet comfortable. And to prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better, what you’re about to see are 5 amazing homes equipped with practical small space interior designs.


39 square meters apartment

To maximize every available space present on this home, the customized dining table is placed between the sofa and TV. In this way, even a 39 sqm­² abode will have the best of both worlds.

47 square meters sanctuary

The total space available on this house is still considered small and to make the whole area look bigger than what it actually is, bright palette of colors are used on its wall and furniture.

59 square meters home

Although this house is categorized as a medium-sized flat, still it is considered small when compared to full blown manors. What to do? Separate the bed by using a sliding door to create a small yet private space for relaxation.

49.8 square meters abode

To make the space look more relaxing and bigger, try setting the ceiling as high as it can possibly be. So that at first sight, the area will look higher therefore bigger, like this beach-inspired sanctuary.

32 square meters flat

Even though this UK-inspired apartment is the smallest amongst the group, it is filled with classic furniture that is both beautiful yet functional. To effectively separate spaces, using a toned down wooden screen will do wonders.

H/T to: allofdesign

Wow, these micro apartments are really incredible! Imagine that with the limited space available, still they manage to maximize every inch of it without sacrificing the interiors! Indeed, small space interior designs rocks! What’s your favorite from the above list? Me, I’ll take them all 🙂 !