5 Super Easy DIY Halloween Luminaries Using Mason Jars

With Halloween just a stone’s throw away, decorations for the upcoming holiday can be seen almost everywhere. Ghostly costumes, carved pumpkins, spider webs and spooky luminaries are just some of the most popular Halloween decors that you can buy both online as well as offline. Although they look totally cool and really frightening, prices of these decors don’t come cheap but nonetheless skyrocketing!

Amongst all Halloween decors, luminaries can be easy but very challenging to make. Depending on the design and materials you will be using, it may or may not successfully illuminate the light beautifully. Also, the glass jar should be durable enough to handle the heat of the candle. Gladly, there’s a convenient solution to this puzzling dilemma. Check out these super cool and really easy-to-make Halloween mason jars.


Painted Pumpkin Jars

Coat the outside of the jar with acrylic paint and when the paint is dry, use a sharpie marker to outline your design. Fill it with black paint and finish it off with a glaze of clear spray.

Mummy Mason Jars

Cover the Mason jar with a gold spray paint. When dry, wrap some rubber bands around the jar then carefully spray it with black paint. Remove the rubber bands when the paint dries out.

Frosted Halloween Mason Jars

Using a masking tape, cut out designs and place it on the jar. Cover the outside with frosted spray paint layers by layers then peel off the tape once everything is dry.

Mummy Wrapped Jars

Instead of covering it with paint, use a gauze or cheesecloth and wrap it on the outside of the jar. Remember to put a small amount of adhesive on the bottom of the jar to secure the gauze in place. Finally, put a pair of googly eyes to finish the design.

Lace Halloween Luminaries

Put decoupage on the outside of the jar then add a piece of lace few inches taller than the jar. Tuck in the excess lace on the bottom part and let the whole thing dry for 24 hours.

H/T to: faithtap

These Halloween mason jars are without a doubt beautiful. Perfect for illuminating pathways and for decorating rooms, now you don’t need to spend a fortune just to enjoy the beauty of Halloween luminaries. Try these easy DIY luminaries at home and let us know the results by hitting the comments section below.