5 Unique Universities Worldwide With Amazing Architectures

If there’s one thing in this world that youth needs to focus on, aside from texting and surfing the internet, it will be none other than studying. But going to classes every day and studying mind-wrecking lessons are without a doubt every student’s nightmare. Add up those complicated projects and lengthy book reports… argh! I quit but my mom and dad won’t let me!

But when you see these 5 unique universities worldwide, skipping a class would be your least priority. Why? Because aside from the high quality education you will be getting, these schools are known for having stunning architectural designs that will make you say WOW! And for those studying here, you’re one lucky student!


Nanyang Technological University – Singapore

One of the leading universities in Asia, Nanyang Technological University is known for their long green rooftop which serves as relaxing meeting place for students but more than that, it is made to protect the building from frequent rainstorms.

The Ray and Maria Stata Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts – USA

Designed by Canadian-American Architect Frank Gehry, this is where the university’s research facilities and classrooms resides. Just look at the building’s unique structure, it is said to resemble freedom which the university greatly respects.

Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne – Australia

Housing art related courses like fine arts and drama, the Victorian College of Arts in Australia exemplifies a unique form of architecture. The mixed colors, eccentric façade, odd shapes and unconventional form makes it not just distinctive but truly exceptional.

National Autonomous University of Mexico – Mexico

Founded in 1951 and considered to be the oldest school in North America, the National Autonomous University of Mexico displays a spectacular art form that no one could ever deny. In fact in 2007, it was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Edinburgh Napier University Lecture Theater – Scotland

With walls made from glass only to allow natural daylight to illuminate the whole area, this lecture hall can house as much as 200 students in full blast. Indeed, the spaceship-like concept makes the Edinburg Lecture Theater one of the most creative lecture halls in the world.

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