6 Hidden YouTube Secrets That I Bet You Didn’t Know!

Founded in February 14, 2005, YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video streaming website of all time. It all started by three former employees of PayPal and believe it or not, Google bought YouTube in November of 2006 at a whopping $1.85 billion!

With its multi-million worth, YouTube is hailed as the “King of Streaming Videos”. This website has all sorts of videos from funny pranks, amazingly talented singers, reality show replays, interviews, music videos, cover MTVs, full movies, and all others. And with its huge assortment of various clips, many people are addictively hooked on this website.

But aside from hosting various clips, did you know that there are hidden YouTube secrets that will totally change the way you use this famous video streaming website? From navigating YouTube without the help of mouse to doing the Harlem Shake, these hidden YouTube secrets are right on amazing! I didn’t know these tricks either and when I saw them, I almost fell out of my chair to excitement!


6 Hidden and Totally Amazing YouTube Secrets

Video from: YouTube

Did you just see that stunning star trek effect? Now that is one fantastic YouTube special effect that is really fun to play with! With all these YouTube hacks, what I love most is the multi-colored interface. But the most surprising and useful trick amongst all is the YouTube leanback! Wow, that is the interface I would love to use with my 42-inch wireless TV 🙂 ! Sweet isn’t it!

What’s your favorite hidden YouTube secret from the above list? Your thoughts on the comments section below and don’t forget to share this amazing tech hack to your friends! I am sure they will be surprised too!