6 Tips On How To Correctly Use Everyday Technology!

I am a type of person who can’t live without technology. From browsing YouTube videos to taking a cute selfie on my phone, how in this world am I going to live without my cellphone and worst… the internet? Gosh, can you imagine waking up one day without your smartphone, car, laptop, internet, and all forms of technology your normally using. If that happens to me, it would be the end of my life, SERIOUSLY!

But when I saw this video, I feel so stupid not knowing how to use everyday technology the correct way. I didn’t know that I was streaming videos on YouTube the wrong way; and neither didn’t I know that I can use my headset to take selfies on my iPhone more conveniently. When you see this video about 6 everyday technology you’re using wrong, I bet you would also feel the same!


Think you know it all, wait till you see these 6 technology you’re using wrong!

Video from: YouTube

At first I didn’t believe the car remote thingy but when I tried it, it actually works! And that iPhone selfie headset trick, geez my friends already know it and I feel so stupid not discovering it earlier than they did! The battery trick also works but you need to make sure that you’re bouncing them off in a flat surface, or else it defeats the purpose.

Aside from being mind-blowing, this technology guide is certainly useful! If only technological stuffs comes with a manual for those hidden tips and tricks, we don’t have to deal with these “everyday technology you’re using wrong” thingy! But at least, posts like these do exists which makes us one step genius than our friends who don’t know these tricks yet!

Care to share these technology hacks with them? It’s up to you! 🙂