7 Stylish & Very Creative Electrical Cord Decoration Ideas

Hanging light bulbs, lampshades, cellphone charger, television, set-top box, wireless router, rice cooker, etc. – all of them are common electrical appliances that we use almost every day in our lives.  But this list doesn’t stop here! We have DVD players, speakers, PlayStation and the list just goes on and on. And what do they have in common? Annoying electrical cords!

Yes, these electrical gadgets are so useful but those cords makes them very annoying especially if you have a clean minimalist-style home. You could hide it under fancy cord cover moldings but why stick a huge slab of plastic trimming on your wall when you can flaunt exposed electrical cords with style? These 7 electrical cord decoration ideas will definitely add some flair on your walls while camouflaging those unsightly cables.


1. Use decorative cord covers because they are cheap and comes in various styles!

2. For long electrical cords, use it to make a city skyline!

3. Or better yet buy some creative wall stickers and make a cute mini scenery…

4. With the aid of glue, stylize those cords in a futuristic manner!

5. For non-creative peeps out there, cord clips with pretty designs can be your best bet!

6. Got some hanging light bulb? Why not add colorful beads into the cord!

7. Or do some unique and interesting artwork with those cables.

H/T to: amazinginteriordesign

Don’t hide those electrical cords under plastic moldings because aside from safety concerns, it will only make your wall bare and lifeless. Instead, use these creative DIY electrical cord decoration ideas to display those cords in style. Additionally, they are super cheap and very easy to make so why bother use those cord covers?

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