8 Clever Ways To Beautifully Repurpose Picture Frames

Hanging a nice picture or even an artwork on the wall is incomplete without those intricately carved and sometimes modernly adorned picture frames. They add a finishing touch to every photo or artwork making them unique and nonetheless eye catching. But sadly picture frame is just like fashion, one day they’re in and the next day they are out!

If from before we have covered about the different ways on how to repurpose picture frames, check out this post, today we are going to add some more on that list. Get your tools ready and don’t throw those old picture frames yet because you can use them to make brand new home accessories without burning holes in your pockets.


1. Thicker picture frames can double as decorative wall shelves.

2. Turn glass picture frames into erasable monthly calendar using paint strips and dry markers.

3. Hang your chessboard on the wall and make this challenging game more exciting to play.

4. By applying chalkboard paint directly on its glass, old picture frames can be a cute message board.

5. Glue some fabrics and create pockets that can hold small items such as cards, keys, pens, etc.

6. What could be more genius and clever than this picture frame-made herb drying rack!

7. Dress up your light switch by replacing the cover plate with a mini decorative frame.

8. How about a cute pin cushion bordered with a charming wooden picture frame?

H/T to: faithtap

How to repurpose picture frames is actually easy and there are tons of ideas you could try from simple light switch covers to more complex glass chalkboard message boards. From the above list, what’s your favorite recycling idea so far? Me, I find the monthly calendar and upright chess project certainly interesting. Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and don’t forget to share this post to your friends.