8 DIY Fails That Proves Online Tutorials Are Not Easy!

Do-It-Yourself articles are hot commodities right now. From making salon-quality nail art to succulent baked goodies, instructions on how to do them can be found everywhere. Some comes complete with pictures while others take it to the next level by providing exact video tutorials. Pinterest and Instagram are loaded with these DIY articles, you’ll even get lost by simply browsing those sites!

Although they look so simple and easy to make, don’t be fooled with these online tutorials. Here are some of the most epic and really funny 8 DIY fails that will make you feel proud about yourself. This only proves that not everyone in this world are born to be craftsman or baker!


1. Next time, just buy an antelope painting alright?

2. And this mouthwatering dessert that turned to be a storm rather than a rainbow.

3. Tasty pretzels meant for adults… you know why!

4. Go intricate as you want… that is… if you can!

5. Ohh… I can so relate to this supposed to be easy “no-sew” pillowcase!

6. Just put in your favorite nail polish, dip your fingers, and let it dry, that easy! REALLY?

7. Again, tell me that DIY nail art is so simple to make!

8. My bad Fido, the article said this will give you hours of playtime! Not minutes!

H/T to: buzzfeed

When I saw these funny DIY fails, I give up! There’s more to life than following these crazy online tutorials. Do you have the same experience as the above? Share your thoughts on the comments section below and let’s sign a petition to boycott DIY tutorials (I am so bitter haha…). 🙂