8 Famous Accidental Inventions We Should Be Thankful Of

Accidents, everyone in this world don’t want them! They can be deadly, embarrassing, frustrating, saddening, and basically everything that’s negative is often associated with the word “accident”. Although undesirable and believed to be deleterious, who would have thought that accidents can sometimes lead into good things?

Sounds far-fetched right? But not with these 8 famous accidental inventions you’re about to see. If not for these unwanted discoveries, things would have been totally different. From mouthwatering snacks to life saving gadgets, these unintentional inventions clearly set a whole new meaning to the word “accident”.


1. Pacemakers

Wilson Greatbatch was an engineer trying to construct an oscillator for recording sounds of the heat beating when he accidentally used a wrong resistor. That wrong resistor gave a steady pulse and after two years of research, an implantable life-saving device was born, the pacemaker.

accidental inventions

2. Microwave

Another engineer named Percy Spencer was working on a radar in 1945 when the candy stored on his pocket melted. When he realized that the microwaves were the ones responsible for it, he began experimenting and in October 1945, the microwave was patented.

3. Potato Chips

A cook in Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York named George Crum had his potato dish keep coming back by an annoyed diner. And to get back on him, he sliced the potatoes razor thin and salted it before sending it back to the irritated customer. Surprisingly, the guest loved it and the “Saratoga Chips” were born.

4. The Slinky

Richard James was a mechanical engineer working on springs to stabilize sensitive instruments for boats in waters when we accidentally knocked one of the springs causing it to “walk” across the table and books, down to the floor. With a bright idea on his mind, James marketed his springs as a toy and in 90 minutes, all stocks sold out!

5. Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream vendor Arnold Fornachou ran out of paper plates in the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. The vendor next to him named Ernest Hamwi on the other hand is selling “zalabia” which is a waffle-like pastry. The two cooperated with Hamwi selling Fornachou his pastries that could hold scoops of ice cream, then the rest is history.

6. Matches

John Walker was mixing different chemicals to create fire quick and easy when a stick accidentally came into contact with the substance. Another accident happen when the dipped stick was brushed across his fireplace and to his amusement, it ignited from friction.

7. Viagra

This drug was original developed for treating high blood pressure. During trials, it has no significant effect on hypertension but users are reporting a different kind of side effect on their willies. The developer Pfizer, without a doubt quickly marketed it as an erectile dysfunction drug.

accidental inventions

8. Aspartame

In an attempt to create an anti-ulcer drug, James Schlatter was keen enough to experiment on different chemicals when he ended up creating aspartame. Accidentally though, he licked his finger to pick up a piece of paper when he unintentionally tasted the chemical. Then, this no calorie artificial sweetener was born.

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Isn’t these famous accidental inventions amazing? Who knew that accidents can sometimes be a good thing? Fortunately, instead of bringing bad luck, these “accidents” resulted into something wonderful each and every one of us can really benefit.