8 Insanely Clever Paint Jobs That Will Make You Say Wow!

They always say that if you want to bring a whole new look into a boring or lifeless room, splashing it with a fresh coat of paint is enough to alter its appearance. Depending on the colors and patterns used, it can make mundane rooms undeniably stunning, magnificent, bright, seductive and even flamboyant all without digging holes in your pockets.

But aside from choosing the right color, adding in some lovely patterns will definitely make a huge difference turning ordinary paint jobs into marvelous works of art. Just like these 8 very clever paint jobs you’re about to see, beyond its very beautiful pattern are surprising elements that will really make you say just WOW!


1. Tricky but stunningly wonderful isn’t it?

2. The floating red paint…

3. And this Circle of Life that is marvelously done!

4. Behind the target-inspired paint job is this…

5. Looks like 3D painting but it’s not!

6. When you hit the x-mark…

7. Another circle-inspired paint job that looks so amazing!

8. This is not an illusion shot but a wonderfully done checkerboard paint job!

Photos from: viralsocially

These unique and very clever paint jobs are simply fantastic! I want that #7 pattern in my room! The question is, who would do it? Definitely not me because I don’t have such talent to create stunning wall designs! Hmm… maybe your friends can do it so why not share this post to them!