8 Of The Strangest & Most Unusual Buildings In The World!

From the past we have covered about the bizarre architecture buildings found in China, and today we are unveiling yet another set of unusual buildings found not only in China but in the world! These structures are just like any other ordinary buildings, they are durable and without a doubt functional. But what makes them different is the overall design and mind blowing architecture!

Indeed, designing a building is a never ending battle between traditional layouts and modern plans. But for some architects, their creation needs to stand out amongst the rest. They don’t care if the establishment is built upside down, what matters to them is the attention they will be getting. Just take a look at these 8 unusual buildings in the world that will make you say… WTF!


1. Believe it or not this upside down building in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is flipped inside out!

2. The top portion of this building in Caracas, Venezuela looks very odd but nonetheless beautiful!

3. In Birmingham, United Kingdom, the Selfridges Buildings speaks utmost magnificence!

4. Uhmm, excuse me can you still see me? The English-American Library in France.

5. Bold, bedazzling, mysterious and captivating. This is the Ex Lutheran Church in San Francisco, California.

6. The Happy RIZZI House in Braunschweig, Germany.

7. And this graphic-intense Ravensbourne College in London, United Kingdom.

8. Well, the Aqua Building in Downtown Chicago, Illinois don’t want to be left behind!

H/T to: youramazingplaces

These unusual buildings in the world are just some of the many strange establishments that continues to wow us. Salute to the architects and engineers of these structures! Good job folks! 🙂 Thanks to your creative minds that are sometimes a bit strange and undoubtedly peculiar, now there is diversity in the world of architecture!