8 Ordinary Things Turned Extraordinary – This Is Amazing!

Every day, we use ordinary things for a more comfortable and efficient living. Stairs to make climbing easier, door knobs to open doors effortlessly, tables to hold our stuffs temporarily, bikes to conveniently travel and all other simple objects present on this modern day.

But have you ever thought of making ordinary objects into extraordinary things? By adding a bit of creativity and tons of resourcefulness, these simple things in life can totally change the way we live. Just like these 8 ordinary things turned into something more useful and definitely practical, these reinvented objects are so genius and definitely amazing it will blow you away! Wait till you see #6!


1. This tortilla-inspired pencil case that can hold pens in a very scrumptious way!

2. A staircase that is also wheelchair friendly, PWDs will really like this. 🙂

3. Now you don’t need to worry about stolen bikes! Right on genius huh!

4. Glass coffee table and cat hammock in one! What a great day bed for Mimi!

5. A doorknob that lets you see what’s in the other room. You’ll need to ditch privacy thou…

6. This container allows you to use every bit of the product while minimizing waste!

7. Public toilets should use this ASAP!

8. Unplugging made easy… and safe too!

Photos from: viralsocially

Wow! These extraordinary things are really game-changing! Thanks to genius minds and fellow creative peeps, no more battling with my toothpaste container when the end is near! I also like the idea of foldable bike so that I won’t be required to carry metal chains and locks with me every time I leave my bicycle across the street. Isn’t these reinvented objects sweet? Hit the comments section below for your thoughts!