8 Unbelievable Water Tricks That Will Melt Your Brain Away!

Before, we talked about the amazing salt tricks that still many of us can’t get over with. Remember that tree transformed into a stunning work of art by simply using salt? If you miss it, go ahead and check the archives (insert URL for salt trick). And today we’re giving yet another mind blowing experiment that will surely burst your heads up! Or worst, it will make your brain melt like water due to extreme awesomeness!

Of course you already know that the earth’s surface is made up of 71% water, and that is a fact we are all familiar with. But did you know that a human can live one month without food but can only survive one week without water? And that cucumber is 95% water? Enough for these mind-numbing trivia’s because what you are about to see is much more interesting!

The moment I saw these 8 amazing water tricks, I thought they were ordinary science experiments every kid in the block knows about. But boy I was so wrong! Heck, that laser and water thing is absolutely crazy! This stuff is really amazing so here it is!


8 Completely Mind Blowing and Totally Amazing Water Tricks!

Video from: YouTube

I just tried the water slush experiment and it actually works! Hmm… I wonder if it equally works on ginger ale or sprite vodka combination, now that would be more fun and exciting! 🙂 What water trick blew you away? I bet your friends will love this so don’t forget to share it with them!