9 Anime Technologies Everyone Wishes To Have in Real Life

Humans are ambitious when it comes to technology. This is why we are constantly breaking boundaries and proudly introducing state-of-the-art innovations. Apart from dreaming that we are caressing those high-tech devices which can be seen in films at the palm of our hands, we also wish to have those weird but amazing inventions in anime.


Here are some ground-breaking anime technologies that can change our lives big time.


Automail from Full Metal Alchemist


Losing a limb can be very frustrating and debilitating. But once Automail lands in the real world, every Full Metal Alchemist lovers may sacrifice one of their arms or legs just to have this device attached to them. Its appendages are connected to the nervous system therefore, the Automail moves at will just like a normal limb.




AmuSphere Hardware from Sword Art Online


After realizing the possible impact of the NerveGear to the user’s life, the geniuses of the SAO project modified the device which gave birth to the AmuSphere. This technology reads and transmits brain waves allowing the gamer to enter a world of virtual reality where you can function just like in the real world. You can enjoy this game for as long as the game masters are in their right mind. Or else, you’ll end up trying to escape from a killer nightmare.



Source: Sword Art Online – Wikia


Voice Changing Bowtie from Detective Conan


Our small but brainy Detective Conan uses this device to help solve Detective Mouri’s cases. By just putting the old man to sleep with his stun gun wristwatch, he can hide himself behind the curtains to start sharing his deductions via the voice changing bowtie. Apart from mimicking Detective Mouri’s voice, our little investigator can adjust the device to borrow the voice of a girl or a younger guy. All of this for the sake of justice!



Pokeballs from Pokemon


Imagine how convenient it would be to place your beloved pet in a pokeball while travelling, shopping or entering a premise that won’t allow bringing of animals inside. If this technology comes in real life, you can also carry your pet to a vet and heal her while inside without any fuss.



Greed Island from Hunter x Hunter


If you want to enter a video game without leaving your physical body behind, Greed Island is a good choice for you. A player can enter inside this ridiculously priced gaming device if he can use the “Hatsu” principle which is the output of a life-force form called “Nen”.  But if this eligibility requirement was taken down, a normal user will experience an amazing adventure of a life time.


To clear the indestructible Greed Island video game, you must collect all cards labelled with numbers from 0 to 99.  The game allows you to summon objects from the cards for different purposes: leave the game, move instantly to a different location, heal yourself, use the cards’ power for protection against your enemies and more.


What are the prizes? You can choose three cards and bring it back home to real life. And yes, they can materialize and be used with the same effects just like in the game. So if you happened to clear Greed Island, choose wisely.



Source: Hunter x Hunter – Wikia


Therm-Optic Camouflage from Ghost in the Shell


The technology works like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. This would be good for as long as you are the only person who has it. Generating Therm-Optic Camouflage suits for everyone could cause chaos, war or maybe an apocalypse.




Capsule Corporation’s Capsules from Dragonball


Cars, spaceships, taxis, fridges or submarines, these capsules from Capsule Corporation can surely handle them with ease and care. Although a flying nimbus cloud of Son Goku would be nice, nothing beats a fighter jet or a limousine that would come out in a capsule with style, ease, smoke and possibly, some confetti.



Source: Dragonball – Wikia


Takecopter from Doraemon


Hovercrafts? Why settle for one when you can have Doraemon’s Takecopter? With the help of a high-tech suction cup, you can attach it to your head or any part of the body without it slipping away. This device is also mind-controlled which allows it to determine your destination and possibly, the speed or direction you want to take.


anime technologies - Takecopter

Photo: FanShare


Anywhere Door from Doraemon


Doraemon stole the two places at the top with his amazing inventions. This time, the cat-robot would bring us anywhere we wanted to go with his “Anywhere Door”. This device works like a teleportation machine where you can get to a certain place just by passing through the door that came from Doraemon’s pocket. Again, bid farewell to traffic. With this device, you can also say goodbye to travel times. Those huge airport sites and roads can be used for something else.




We know that there’s a lot more. But out of all the above anime technologies, what do you think is the best?


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