When I Saw These 9 Accidentally Captured Photos, I Had Goose Bumps!

In today’s world, cameras are everywhere – from mobile devices to closed circuit TVs (CCTVs) – it’s inevitable that some accidental photographs are captured.

From entertainment to mystery to helping solve crimes, these photos serve different purposes. Here are nine of them – I felt goose bumps when I see some of them!


1. Is this a real alien or a hoax? Nobody has an answer.


2. Are they going scuba diving on land? I’m not sure what they’re thinking of!


3. When you thought nobody was watching, there’s always the Google Maps team.


4. Did we just witness an epic battle between medieval warriors who traveled through time?!


5. A photographer accidentally captures the last moments of a couple who committed suicide. That’s creepy!


6. This guy reached out to kiss her girlfriend before they got arrested.


7. This iPhone thief accidentally snapped a picture of herself, which was then uploaded to iCloud and went viral. Busted.


8. Literally caught with the pants down.


9. This pickpocket was caught accidentally caught on camera.

Photos that are accidentally captured can have significant impact, as what we can see from the ones above. Share this post with your friends so they too, can appreciate these rare moments!