15 Amazing Bedroom Designs That Will Make You Wanna Be A Child Again

Every child has his or her own dream while growing up. Mine was having my very own bunk bed because I wanted to go up the ladder, imitate the actions of a pirate, and just let everything else follow. What I didn’t think of was that there were children out there who had more than bunk beds…they had the coolest bedrooms in the entire world. Some of those bedroom designs, which are here, won’t cost you that much. You just have to dedicate a lot of time to come up with your customized designs. But as for me, I’ll be lying here in my bed and dream about my own pirate bedroom.


1. This might be the world’s second best bunk bed, next to my pirate bed of course!

room designs - bunk bed


2. Sleeping at the back of a pick-up truck can now be comfortable.

room designs - pick-up truck


3. What a way to learn about the Earth’s solar system!

room designs - solar system


4. Phineas and Ferb aren’t the only ones who can build a fort.

room designs - fort


5. You can now have your own jungle playroom in your bedroom.

room designs - jungle


6. This room can brighten up the day of any kid.

room designs - brighten


7. This bedroom looks cooler than my entire apartment.

room designs - cooler


8. If I had this room, I would look forward to waking up everyday.

room designs - slide


9. You can probably pretend to be the King of the Jungle if you live here.

room designs - jungle


10. Perfect royal treatment for a little princess.

room designs - royal treatment


11. This will surely be every little girl’s dream bedroom.

room designs - dream bedroom


12. Ooopps! Sorry girls!

room designs - no girls


13. The future Michael Jordan’s bedroom.

room designs - athlete of the year


14. Who says adventure can only be had outside the bedroom?

room designs - adventure


15. This entire bedroom can become a reality in your dreams.

room designs - dreams

Source: Dump A Day


Because of these awesome designs, being a child can definitely become so much better! If you feel the children of today’s generation will enjoy these rooms, share them with your friends!