Anything Wrong with These Flowers? The Truth will Shock You!

The ability to arrange flowers is a talent, not every one of us can make a dozen of red roses look good in a vase. While some sees this as something boring and mundane, others take flower arrangement seriously as a career. But for this Belgian artist, flowers are more than just tangible beauties.

Born on 1948 and raised in Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium, Pieter Wagemans is a devoted artist. To make a difference on still life, he further enhanced his talent specializing in flower compositions. And for Pieter, flower painting is indeed challenging. To capture that special moment, it requires a lot of patience as well as discipline.


Just take a look at this marvelous artwork that seems to be real!

Pieter bypasses the use of underpainting and has his own style.

He paint each flower in turn, “alla prima” style until the work is completely done.

And the result is simply stunning…

Who would have thought that this is a painting!

Sometimes, Pieter would devote one whole day just to paint one bud!

Yet at times, only a few hours of work is needed to get the job done.

Several weeks is all it takes to complete one flower painting.

But the end result is remarkably breathtaking…

And the details are so incomparable!

This is Pieter Wagemans…

The legend behind these spectacular flower painting art works.

Photos from: beautifullife

Nice work Mr. Wagemans. Your talent is immense and hands off to you! Do you think you can do flower painting just like that? Well, I tried but definitely failed! I guess I should look for other talent aside from painting. With the above flower masterpieces, what work of art appeals to you most? If you ask me, it’s everything! Hit the comments section below for your answer.