This Apartment Is Gorgeous But What’s Inside Will Amaze You!

Modern apartments of today tend to focus more on bringing minimalist design, luxurious amenities, comfortable living space, and reasonable cost. Although some might find it still expensive, architect David Hotson discovered a new way to incorporate whimsy into modern architecture. He calls it as the “Skyhouse”.

So what makes Skyhouse very much unique? It’s not about the prime location or Feng Shui compliance, which are both impressive by the way. It’s the slide inside that pulls everything together.

The Skyhouse was built in New York City apartment space.


The interior design speaks utmost beauty.


Furniture and accents are minimalist…


Yet eye-popping colors and flamboyant artworks can likewise be seen.

home design

Overall, it is an impressive sanctuary.

New York apartment

But mainly because of this slide.

skyhouse slide

To get around the apartment, you take the slide instead of stairs!


The slide tunnel begins at the roof…

tube slide

And runs all the way down to the ground floor.

unique house

The slide isn’t the only thing fun about this space, you can even find a rock wall and swing!


Every child dreams to live here…


And for us adults, owning such place means never ending supply of fun and happiness.


Source: David Hotson Architect

Buying or even renting this apartment space will surely dig deep holes in your pockets, so just let the “Skyhouse” serve as your ultimate inspiration on all your future building and design renovations. Bear in mind that every space, may it be big or small, can have few pieces of playground equipment fixed inside… and still they would look absolutely incredible. Will your friends like this apartment? Share it with them!