Are You Brave Enough To Watch Jaws On This Movie House?

Who would forget the very legendary movie “Jaws”? It has been 40 years since Steven Spielberg scared us to death with his mechanical great white shark devouring legs and hands of tourists swarming around the water. Although many writers and critics have already said their piece regarding the natural wild behavior of great white sharks, still the thrilling sound of “Jaws” seemingly haunts us every time we’re in the water!

But for Alamo Drafthouse, there’s nothing scarier and heart stopping than watching Jaws on the water! Yes you’ve heard it right! You will watch this fabled movie with your legs and maybe your hands dangling below the water! For just $30 per ticket, nothing can be chilling and imaginatively frightening than watching “Jaws” on this movie house!

The Alamo Drafthouse first hosted the floating outdoor screening of “Jaws” back in 2002.

Being famous for their “no texting” policy during films, the Alamo Drafthouse is bringing back this epic movie in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. As part of the ongoing “Rolling Roadshow” series, the second screening of Jaws on the water will take place on July 11.

This photo was taken during the first outdoor screening of Jaws held last June 27. Boy I am getting uncomfortable right now!

The 2nd screening will happen on a man-made lake at the Texas Ski Ranch between Austin and San Antonio.


Movie goers will be given inner tubes but they can bring their own floating devices as well. Yet for those who don’t want to lose their limbs while watching, you can sit on the lounge chairs provided on the side of the beach.

There’s plenty of food for sale on the area… but how in the world can you eat if something like this lurks in the water?

Anyhow, you can buzz the night first with “Show Me the Way to Go Home” party before the great white shark render its epic appearance.

Source: CNN

Imagine watching Jaws on the water, with scenes of great white shark tearing off human flesh voraciously, when something grabs your feet below the surface? What would you do? God… I’ll be dead right now if that would be me! Let your friends discover this post and invite them for a movie!