When You Cut Open This Cake, What You See Inside Will Surprise You

Children birthday parties – they are always fun and exciting. Lots of games, treats, yummy foods, cute kiddos running around, huge colorful birthday cake, and an exciting piñata that needs to be cracked open! Oops… but what is a piñata? Well it is a Spanishnative highly decorated container figure that when opened will spill out treats like little toys and candies (it’s fun try it!).

Yet in today’s very creative world, everything can be mixed and matched, even cakes and piñatas! How about a sumptuous spongy cake decorated with bright colors and inside is a secret treat hiding from the snooping eyes of the kids…Sounds fun right? Enter the piñata cakes!


1. Let’s start with this colorful cake filled with choco-nuts goodies!

2. Plain on the outside but inside is a 7-color cake layer oozing with button shaped chocolates.

3. And this sugar overload! M&Ms inside and out!

4. If you’re wondering how these piñata cakes are made, check this out!

5. Making Sombrero piñata cookies wouldn’t hurt either!

6. That is a cute cake topper but what’s inside is more stunning!

7. Boys don’t be jealous… this one is for you!

8. Even a 2-layer cake can made into a luscious piñata surprise.

9. For grownups who can’t get over piñata, this is more appropriate.

10. And this huge skittles piñata cake!

While many of you are sure to be commenting that these piñata cakes are just loads and loads of unhealthy sugar, who told you that your kid should eat the whole thing? Come on’ cakes are meant for sharing and a little piece is all it takes to satisfy their sweet cravings! Also, it’s her birthday so give the kid a break. 🙂  Moms and dads, what can you say about these birthday surprise cakes?