8 Most Bizarre Stores Around the World That Actually Exist

Our world is literally bombarded with shops. From South America to Australia, thousands of different stores can be seen almost everywhere. Whether they are big time companies or small time household businesses, everywhere you go you’ll see a shop selling a thing or two. Although, in some parts of the world, there are shops that are way beyond being normal!

We are not talking about market shops selling human meat, that’s just way to gross! Yet some of these 8 Bizarre Stores are slightly closer to that! You may call them weird shops, strange businesses, spooky markets or whatever you may want to call them. But for me, I’ll think ten times before buying a stuff with them!

1. Strippers World, Perth

Bizarre Stores - stripper world

In Perth, Australia, there is a shop dedicated for Strippers. It is named the “Strippers World”. I am sure, tons of guys are visiting here thinking they’ll score one.


2. Deyrolle, Paris

bizarre - stores

This taxidermy shop named “Deyrolle” scare tourists to death whenever they walk by the roads of Paris. Yet for some, this creepy shop can sometimes be enchanting… depending on what item you’re looking at.


3. Muara Kuin Floating Market, South Kalimantan

bizarre - stores

In South Kalimantan, Indonesia, people DON’T WALK to buy food from the market… they shop by BOAT! The Muara Kuin Floating Market is a famous tourist destination, but others see it totally outlandish!


4. Calle Linares, La Paz

bizarre - stores

South America is known for tan sexy bods but in this Bolivian market, something else rules! The “Calle Linares” market in La Paz don’t sell meat or veggies, they sell sorcery-related stuffs from scary looking talismans to hair-raising Llama fetuses! Yes, this place is a Witch’s Market!


5. Lome Voodoo Market, Togo

bizarre - stores

Another spooky place on the list is the “Lome Voodoo Market” in Togo, West Africa. What you will find here? Well they got elephant’s feet, leopard heads, hands of chimpanzees, hearts of horses, animal innards…. Do you want me to continue?


6. Ka Farushi Bird Market, Afghanistan

bizarre - stores

On the lighter side, animal keepers will surely be delighted to hear that in Afghanistan there’s a place called “Ka Farushi Bird Market”. This area sell birdsongs such as canaries, nightingales, budgerigars and many more. Along with the blissful sound you will hear, expect tons of mud bricks and bird poops along the way!


7. Rope, Tokyo

bizarre - stores

In Shibuya, Japan, one store in particular caters only to adults. But this is not an ordinary sex shop! The “Rope” sells school girl-related fetish items! You can even find used senior school girls panties here! Really… USED!


8. Mogila, Bulgaria

bizarre - stores

Photos: oddee

Are you single and ready to mingle? Go to the village of Mogila in Bulgaria and buy yourself a beautiful BRIDE! Dressed in fine clothes and adorned with gold jewelries, tons of girls ready for marriage lined up here on the first Saturday of Horse Easter. I am just wondering… how do they price their girls?


Wow, I never thought that there are shops like these around the world. Our culture is really diverse and different parts of the world has their own traditions… But selling a used school girl panty? That is overly strange!