Are You A Brave Driver? Try This Insane Bridge In Japan!

Nothing can be scarier than driving over bridges. All those swaying, height and wind can definitely jolt anyone. Lots of truly terrifying bridges are scattered all across the globe but this one you’re about to see is totally insane. Compare it to other scary-looking passage and everything would certainly pale in comparison!

Presenting the Eshima Ohashi Bridge, the connecting path between cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato over Lake Nakaumi in Japan.

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Looking at the bridge, it seems that multiple accidents can happen anytime, yet locals cross this very bridge every day.

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The Eshima Ohashi Bridge rises 44 meters or about 145 feet into the air. It was designed with a relative steep incline so that ships could easily pass underneath it. And for drivers who are not afraid of heights, amazing panoramas and breath taking views (literally you need to hold your breath!) awaits. This bridge is nearly a mile long and there are no guardrails between the lanes.

You think this is a fun commute, no?

In reality, the bridge looks more like this. The very steep incline is magnified based from the driver’s point of view. The compression of perspective makes it insanely steep but the truth is, it’s just kind of steep.

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Now you’re thinking huh? Just look at it this way, if the incline were that steep, you will see more of the cars’ roofs. It’s an optical illusion baby!

With the mountain under it, the highest point of the bridge looks magnificent and impressive.

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Although this “roller coaster” bridge is not what it appears from a head-on perspective, it is still on the steeper side so motorist should practice extra caution when driving.

This video demonstrates how it feels like driving on the famous Eshima Ohashi Bridge.

Source: YouTube

Photos from: ibukivideo

Knowing that it’s more of an optical illusion rather than a life-threatening driving situation, do you think you can pass on the bridge?