Brave Enough? Try These Transparent Sleeping Capsules!

Peru is the home of the Sacred Valley of Incas. More commonly known as the Urubamba Valley, this awesome scenic place is located in the Andes of Peru, close to the Inca Capital of Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. The valley alone is mesmerizingly breathtaking, the scenes are so magnificent while the overall surroundings will surely mystify your senses.

But if the hanging cliff isn’t enough to feed your adventurous mind, why not try to sleep on these transparent sleeping capsules! Three of these hangers are installed on the cliff to provide temporary shelter for intrepid guests. The catch? One must climb 400 feet or hike a challenging trail using ziplines to reach these glass pods.

Called the Natura Vive Skylodge, each unit measures 24 feet in length and 8 feet in height as well as width.

Crafted from aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate, these glass pods are quite comfy enough to live in.

It comes with four beds, dining area and a private bathroom separated by an insulated wall.

To ensure utmost aeration, these glass pods features six windows and four ventilation ducts for a relaxing internal atmosphere.

There are also lamps and lighting powered by solar panels.

And when you want to pee or poo, this would be your background 🙂

In reality, this is how each unit looks like! Boy… my knees are shaking right now!

Are you interested on renting a space? Check out this Skylodge Adventure Suites tour video courtesy of Natura Vive.

Source: designboom

Well, these transparent sleeping capsules are a NO-GO for those who are afraid of heights! But for adventure seekers, this is a MUST place to visit and probably the best hotel to sleep in! I just wonder how it feels like waking up in the morning… Amazed or terrified? But with that stunning view, I’m willing to try it even just for one night! What would be your friends’ reaction if they see these glass pods?