She Grabs a Box Full Of Candies and Creates Something Absolutely Stunning!

Who doesn’t love candies? Male or female, young and old, bored or excited; each and every one of us can’t get enough of these sweet treats. From the sumptuous Reese’s peanut butter bars to caramel loaded Werther’s Original, these heavenly delights makes us forget about sugar and calories. Offer me a bag of these goodies and will be friends forever, even my kids!

But for this lady candies aren’t just for quick desserts, she has something in mind that will literally make you say wow! She grabs a box full of different candies, stack some empty boxes and Styrofoam, prepare double adhesive tapes, put together colorful ribbons in different sizes; then with all these materials she was able to create stunning candy cakes!

Still confused on what we’re talking about? Check out these awesome candy cakes that will surely make your blood sugar level spike all time high!


3-tier tower of goodness!


This could be a wonderful anniversary gift.

Simple but sweet… literally!

Oh… Bazooka. Let me read that story first.

This one is elegant huh…

Don’t worry boys, you have one!

Lemon heads any one?

For grownups, try this!

Skittles and 3 musketeers with some kisses.

Wow, everything in this cake is yummy!

If you’re wondering how these candy cakes are made, check this out.

Remember that you can use empty boxes, Styrofoam and sponges as the base. Basically, anything that is light and will hold its shape is okay to use. To put together candies, use some low temperature glue gun or double adhesive tapes to secure them in place. Decorate it with some ribbons, lollipops, greeting cards or cake toppers to make it more special.

Candy cakes are so simple to make, and it doesn’t require any baking skills at all! This is perfect for your kid’s upcoming birthday party, as a gift to an old friend, presence for your loved ones, or create one on your counter-top just to make you smile. 🙂 Don’t forget to share this tower of goodness to your friends!