Only in China! 15 Crazy & Bizarre Architecture Buildings

If you live in China, these funky and ridiculous looking buildings are a serious issue. As a matter of fact, even the Chinese President Xi Jinping asked developers to stop making these strange-looking buildings.

You wouldn’t understand him for sure not until you see these 15 buildings erected all across China. Just look at that #8 building! Do you think that would look good elsewhere?


  1. This office building should look like a wine bottle. Quite identical in my opinion.



  1. I would never pay even a single cent just to stay at this Taihu Pearl Hotel. Whose idea it is anyway?




  1. The building of Le Grand Large Hotel mimics the three Taoist Gods of wealth, fame and long life. Impressive huh!



  1. This is the North Gate of Yichuan which looks like a belt than anything else. I just hope that this isn’t taxpayer funded.



  1. The “Ring of Life” actually cost hundreds and millions of yuan to build but it serves no purpose. For the Local Government, it’s just a landmark.



  1. Meanwhile in Nanjing, this government building looks like another government structure closer to home.



  1. You choose; some kind of an evil tower or zipper of a jacket?



  1. This is the Phoenix Island Development Complex. Define eyesore – just look at those buildings!



  1. Take it or leave it, this is the Sphinx building erected in Beijing.



  1. The “Century Sail” tower reminds me of an Ice Cream Cone.



  1. Located on Chongqing’s Foreigner Street, this tumbledown building is such an eyesore.



  1. Presenting the “Gate of the Orient”. Am I seeing a pair of pants with feet?



  1. The Chongqing Guotai Art Center. Easy buddy, this one might hurt you.




  1. Actually, the “Linda Haiyu Plaza” should look like a fish. But what kind of fish is that?



  1. With the Fang Yuan Building, they are trying to achieve the look of an ancient coin. But it turns out to be one of the most controversial buildings in China.


Photos from: ChinaSMACK

As the world’s newest superpower, we just have to accept the fact that these few modern, ugly buildings really do exist. But I don’t want any of these present in my neighborhood. It would be so weird to give directions and tell people to turn left at that “giant, useless ring.”