Chocolate Balls Are Tasty But This Man Made It More Divine!

Whenever I see chocolate balls, I just couldn’t resist their luscious aroma and tempting sweetness. Even if they are packed with loads of calories and hundreds of sugars, who cares as long as they scrumptious. But what this man did to normal chocolate balls made me fell in love with the dessert million times more!

At first I thought that this could be another so-so DIY dessert but I was totally wrong! He made the chocolate balls not just tasty but heavenly appetizing! Here’s the video and see it for yourself. Warning: This could lead to total addiction!


How to Make Chocolate Balls Literally Irresistible!

What you’ll need:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Ice cream
  • Fresh fruits
  • Caramel sauce
  • Peanuts

Video from: YouTube

Seeing the video alone makes my mouth drool! And yes, you just saw a decadent chocolate ball melting into a bowl of awesomeness. Note, make sure that the caramel sauce is hot enough before you pour it over the chocolate balls. Wow, this DIY dessert is so simple to make and as the author says, as long as you have the mold for the balls, everything is easy.

This would be perfect for your next dinner date or get together with friends! Share this to them and together salivate over that mouthwatering dessert! What would be your take to the inside fillings? Me, I like cashew nuts with some fresh mangoes!