These People Needed a Bigger House, But What They Did Will Inspire You

Today, most people live in apartments or houses that are quite small in sizes. That’s why it’s very important to be able to maximize home space to the highest possible level so that you’ll somehow feel comfortable.

I know most people would do this to their home spaces. But when I saw these designs below, I was blown away. I didn’t think it was possible to maximize home spaces by doing these things!


1. Sleep and work above your closet, storage and sink.


2. Put the bed on top of your storage.


3. Put your bed out of sight so you won’t feel like sleeping.

With this design, you won’t be seeing your bed in front of you. That would mean less sleeping while working!


4. Build your bookshelf INTO the wall, not just ON it.


5. Turn your stairs into a hidden trove of ample storage.


6. This takes storage space to the next level. Genius!


7. Create a loft for that extra space.


8. Using sliding doors creates extra usable space.


9. Use curtains instead of walls to divide your living space.

If you want to divide a big room into two compartments, you can use curtains instead of having wooden or concrete walls.


10. Who needs wardrobes when life is a bed of drawers?

Having drawers around your bed can definitely save you up home space. You can also get what you need by simply turning from side to side.

Now that’s what you call maximizing your home space! I’m definitely doing some of these to be able to have a “bigger house”. How about you? Also, tell your friends about this so they too can experience having a bigger house!