She Put M&M’s Over A Banana and My Kids Love It Instantly!

I don’t know with you but my kids are literally hard to feed! Offer them great looking healthy foods but then at the end of the day, they would still choose chocolates and potato chips. I know, we parents only wants the best for our kids that is why food nutrition is very much important. But what can we do? Force them to eat what they don’t want? Argh! Kids nowadays…

If you’re just like me who tried every single food presentation I know just to make them eat their meals, fret no more as I’ve found an amazing solution! These 10 creative food ideas for kids are just what we need! Trust me, who would say no to that cute Banana-coated Penguin M&Ms!


1. A little effort and you’ve got this superhero hotdog sandwich!

2. Such a nice way to re-create kids snacks…

3. Tell them that it’s raining big blobs of black rain!

4. And this cutie fruit/veggie salad-inspired caterpillar!

5. Whoa… squid hotdogs are coming! Eat them quick!

6. Isn’t this friendly and sweet looking grapes caterpillar the cutest food in the world?

7. Make pancakes just like a 5th grader and it will work!

8. Banana dolphins in blueberry waves! Wait, what’s in their mouths?

9. Your daughter will surely love these fruit wands!

10. And the most amazing creative food ideas for kids, the choco-coated banana penguin M&Ms!

A big thanks to artistic peeps in this whole wide world for making these awesome creative food ideas for kids! Now eating time with my toddlers wouldn’t be as stressful as before! Though… am not that sure if I can make these ideas just like as it is! Oh bless me! This post means a lot to struggling moms and dads so share it with them! 🙂