When You See What These 10 Babies Are Wearing, You Won’t Stop Smiling

It’s a given fact that babies are adorable. But what if they became animals? Will they still be that adorable? Well, I couldn’t imagine that happening. Good thing there’s that thing called costumes!

And speaking of costumes, we compiled 10 cute animal costumes for babies right below. And we guarantee you that these pictures could really brighten up your day!


1. Cute black and purple bat kid. He ain’t scary at all!


2. Oh my! This one’s too cute! A pink baby elephant!


3. Hey baby! Do you want a banana? Oh I’m sorry! Banana is for monkey, milk is for baby!


4. If there’s a Lion King, there’s also a Lion Baby!


5. This picture makes tigers look cute and not scary at all!

animal costumes for babies - tiger



6. I didn’t know unicorns were real! Oh wait, it’s just a costume!


7. Whatever happened to those scary dinosaurs? This one’s not even close to being scary!

animal costumes for babies - dinosaur



8. This is easily the cutest cow in the history of existence, even though it’s just a costume.


9. Frogs are generally unpleasant to touch. But I could hug this one all day long!


10. This cute octopus could make Ursula run for her life! I’m just kidding!

I suppose these baby animals did brighten up your day. Am I right? And, which one did you find the cutest? Well I bet that’s a hard question to answer considering the entries we’ve had. Share this with your friends, and let’s see what they think of  these cute baby animals!