These 10 Babies Who Look Like Emojis Are the Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

I know that children are adorable. But I did not think they’d be this adorable! Just imagine having a child that looks just like an emoji icon? Isn’t that cute?

But now that’s where the problem comes in. Which among these 10 adorable babies who look exactly like emojis is the cutest? I definitely need your help!



1. This baby does not want your carrots and mushy peas! So back off!


2. This baby didn’t know a thing about the rules! This is the “Oopps! I’m sorry I didn’t know” face.


3. It’s never a good idea to make a baby cry! She looks cute but really scary!


4. Of all the babies in here, I think this one is the cutest! Just look at that face.


5. This is the face of a baby who cracks a joke or does a prank and would say “I gotcha!”


6. This baby can be a future celebrity! This eye wear really looks good on him.


7. Hey baby! There’s no need for you to do that. You’re already cute and adorable!


8. This baby must have had a rough day! Oh you poor little thing!


9. This baby is giving you a good night sleep! No more disturbing after that.


10. Wait! Is this the same picture? Or an exact replica? This baby really looks like the baby emoji!

So have you decided which one is the cutest among them?  Nah, forget about that! After all, they’re all cute and adorable. Share this article with your friends and let’s see what they think of!