She Took an Old Picture Frame and Shockingly Came Up With This

If you have old picture frames lying around your house, don’t throw them away because you can make something new out of these old frames. Most if not all picture frames do have an intricately designed pattern or border that when repurposed will definitely look good and stylish.

With these old picture frame DIY ideas, you don’t need to spend a huge stash of money just to have a new gorgeous table or even an inspiring wall deco if that’s what you want. Creativity and patience is all it takes to repurpose old picture frames into stunning home decors!


1. This lady decorate frames with starfish and shells for a beach-inspired outdoor theme.

2. This old picture frame turned into a hanging garden stand is just so amazing!

3. Small wooden frames can be a cute key holder.

4. Add a cork board to an empty frame and use ribbons to hold letters as well as mails.

5. Make an awesome wall photo display using an old frame, some twine and clothes hangers!

6. How about this epic wall deco using old picture frames in various colors and sizes!

7. Turn large picture frames into an extra storage space for your bedroom or kitchen.

8. A food tray made from old picture frame, use some paint to make it pop!

9. You can also build a spectacular wall garden by using old frames.

10. Or make a towel rack out of it for an added dash of elegance.

11. Perfect for holidays, use an old frame to make seasonal wreath decors.

12. How about this cute and lavishing earring organizer made from old picture frame?

13. Attach a lamp base into an old frame for a cheap yet stylish end table.

Amazing! Who would have thought that old frames have tons of other uses? Share this old picture frame ideas to your friends and see what they love most. For me, it’s the 2nd and 13th. How about you?