11 Brilliant Storage Ideas To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free!

Keeping your home clutter-free and clearly organized is nowhere near reality. Adding kids and pets to the equation makes space even more limited and nonetheless chaotic. Tons of accessories tangled in the drawer, canned goods dangerously piled high on top of each other, cleaning solutions and pots mixed under one kitchen cabinet, boy this list can go really long…

Rather than throwing things or storing them inside hidden boxes, why not change the way on how you organize things with these amazingly clever DIY storage ideas. Don’t snob these household tricks because aside from being simple, they are actually effective!


1. Ladies, this is the best way to store your heels, by using crown moldings.

 2. To store wet toys, hang a fruit basket on your rod.

3. Organize baseball caps with curtain rings and hanger.

4. Don’t pile those canned goods, use a magazine rack to safely store them.

5. Put a shoe organizer under your sink or bathroom to keep cleaning supplies.

6. Want an inexpensive jewelry organizer? Use a piece of wood and tacks!

7. Place nails, screws and fasteners inside clear glass jars.

8. If you have tons of threads at home, use nails to hold them in place.

9. Storing pot lids should be like this!

10. Use ice cube trays to store jewelries and small craft supplies.

11. Add hooks within shelves to hang mugs and teacups.

Now you don’t have an excuse for having a messy, topsy-turvy house. I really love the 10th tip though! Do you have other home organization tips in mind? Hit the comments section below and we’ll add that up. 🙂