15 Insanely Easy Yet Useful Art Ideas Using Recycled Junk

Using recycled junk to create DIY art projects is a great way to save tons of money. Aside from the fact that you can personally choose the craft you love, it equally flexes your brain to bring out all those creative juices. However, not every one of us is a born crafter.

For the artistically-challenged looking for insanely easy art ideas, this is perfect. The final products are not just beautiful, they are also incredibly useful, using nothing but recycled junk. When art meets practicality, one would find these projects exciting!


1. Floating Bookshelves

art - ideas

If you want your books to float in the air, use bookends to create a floating shelf.


2. Artistic Family Portraits

art - ideas

Say no to expensive family portraits, transfer your photo on a slab of wood for a unique art piece!


3. Instant Bookshelf Using Ladders

art - ideas

Do you have two unused ladders at home? Just put some planks of wood on every step and you’ve got an instant bookshelf.


4. DIY Comfortable Couches

art - ideas

Pile up some wooden pallets and top it up with comfy cushions. Viola! A couch!


5. “Fireflies” in a Jar

art - ideas

This “fireflies in a jar” would definitely look good on your room.


6. Coffee Aromatherapy

art - ideas

When lit, the tea light would heat up the coffee beans for a refreshing and energizing scent.


7. DIY Key Holder Using Furniture Knobs

art - ideas

Get an old piece of wood, screw in some cheap furniture knobs, then you’ve got an interesting accessory or key holder!


8. Mail Holder Using Old Window Shutter

art - ideas

Use old window shutter to hold mails.


9. Shoe Storage Using PVC Pipes

art - ideas

Stack up some PVC pipes and glue them all together for a contemporary shoe storage. Dash in some paint to make it more pretty!


10. Emergency Lighting

art - ideas

Maximize the brightness of a headlamp by pointing it on a water jug.


11. Homemade Stool

art - ideas

Don’t have budget for a stool? Get some old magazines, belts and a pillow!


12. Cute Letter Bottles

art - ideas

Presenting… cute letter bottles made with a hot glue gun.


13. DIY Bracelets

art - ideas

Highly fashionable bracelet crafted from string and hexagonal nuts.


14. Creative Bulletin Board

art - ideas

Do you want some attention-grabbing bulletin board? Try this one above.


15. DIY Cushion

art - ideas

Photos: buzzfeed

For those who can’t sew, this will be the easiest way to make your own cushions!


You don’t need to be an expert before you can make fascinating art projects. All you need is a simple creative flare to come up with beautiful and useful DIY art ideas. That number 5 makes me really excited! What’s your personal favorite on this list? Share this with others!