8 Weirdest Things Sold On eBay You Never Knew Existed. Shocking.

eBay is the only place in the world where shopping meets convenience. Well, there are tons of online shopping sites out there but nothing can be compared to the success of this giant. From cheap computer accessories to highly prized Ferrari car parts, everything you’ll need is virtually available on eBay.

To most of us, eBay is such a shopping haven. But for some people, this is the place to sell totally weird items! On this site, everything can be listed and sold. And these 8 weirdest things are no exceptions. The first item will surely keep you laughing but wait till you see them all! Funny and strange eBay fails!


1. A Real Live Ghost Trapped In a Box ($38)

Yes folks, there’s a real “live” ghost lurking in that box! Would you dare open it? I am just wondering what do these bidders are thinking! Casper is the Ghost trapped inside the box? And… It’s Free Shipping!

2. J.D. Salinger’s Used Toilet ($1,000,000)

J.D. Salinger is indeed a famous person, but the person who listed this item is truly unforgettable! Tagged as “personally owned and USED”, she’s selling the toilet commode of the great American writer at $1 Million!

3. Cornflake Shaped Like Illinois ($1,350)

This is a Cornflake, shaped like the state of Illinois. Nothing fancy? Well the Texan owner who won the bid paid a whopping $1,350 for this cereal! I am just praying that his kids won’t bite and chew the cereal off!

4. Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($28,000)

Religious items are priceless, so as this 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich. A woman from Miami named Diana Duyser listed this Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese on eBay after finding out that there is a Virgin Mary image depicted on the sandwich itself. Who bought it? GoldenPalace.com for a stunning $28,000!

5. Air From Kanye Show ($60,100)

Now this one is way beyond my imagination. This person is selling an “air” trapped inside a Ziploc bag from Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour. But boy mind this… there are auction-goers on this item with $60,100 as the current bid!

6. One US Dollar Bill ($1)

Another weird item listed is this “One Dollar US Bill”. Oh yes, that is rare and only a handful of people owns it. Bummer!

7. Forehead as Advertising Space ($10,000)

Utah mother Kari Smith wants a better future for her Son. She wanted financial funds so bad that she listed her “forehead as advertising space”. This 30-year-old genius auctioned her forehead and one weird company actually clicked the “buy it now” button paying Smith $10,000! What’s the uncanny company? Again, GoldenPalace.com!

8. Vampire Transformation Spell ($500)

If you want to be immortal, buy this transformation spell on eBay at $500 and you’ll have the lifetime of forever… as a VAMPIRE! Seriously she wants $500 for this spell! Wait let me offer it to the cast of TWILIGHT so they’ll save on prosthetics!


Seeing the above items, there’s no need to argue that online shopping on eBay is definitely fun! Now… I am planning to sell my belly as an ad space, my possessed kitchen knife, and my haunted wife! How much money can I make? Please ask your friends and share these eBay fails with them!