What This Man Did to an Empty Bullet is Incredibly Genius

On the train, in the streets, at home and even on the library you will see this little corded thing stuck on everybody’s ear! Usually attached to a music player or smartphone, people seems to be dancing to the tune of inaudible music. If you’re wondering what these cute music buds are, they are called earphones! (As if you’re not using one right now :))

Headphones and earphones are so awesome! It allows us to enjoy music without disturbing others. However, headphone designs of today are so lackluster and very boring. Yeah… same old whitish, rounded, mundane buds that every people are wearing.

But for this man who loves music and guns, having a very unique and cool looking headphone is no impossible! When he took some empty bullet case and cheap inexpensive earbuds, what he came up with made me so envy! Heck! Every guy will love this epic bullet earphones!


Just look at that beauty… boy I want this now!

So if you want some bullets stuck on your ears instead of those lame buds, here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty .40 CAL bullet case
  • Power drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal saw
  • Soldering kit
  • Earphones


For complete instructions on how to do this sweet bullet headphones, see this video.

Isn’t that one helluva earbuds! Man, my friends will so love this amazing bullet headphones. Aside from being cool, they are sturdier than those plastic ones since bullets are made from metal! You can create variations too!


Like these engraved golden buds…

Or silver if you want things subtle!

Video from: YouTube

This DIY headphone is so great and it isn’t that hard to make! Share this with your friends and see what bullet design they would come up! Hit the comments section below for other bullet pattern suggestions!