I Was Shocked What This Father Did To His Daughter!

We’ve seen pictures of daddies taking care of their kids. Washing their clothes, playing with them, doing the bath, feeding them, complimenting their costumes, etc… and all of them looks so cool and amazing! Even if sometimes they are losing masculinity, daddy would do everything just to make “Mimi” happy!

But this dad in particular is different. For him, taking care of his daughter needs to be manly even if it takes the use of household equipment. The first time I saw this video I was shocked in awe. But after I discover what it is he’s really doing on his daughter’s hair, I cried laughing! See it for yourself.


Video from: YouTube

Oh this daddy is so sweet and look… baby doesn’t even care hearing that loud vacuum cleaner sound.  So how daddy does hair? Simple, use a vacuum cleaner to ensure every strand is in place! Genius daddy! Now go ahead and try tying mom’s hair! Let’s see what will happen. 🙂 Don’t forget to share this funny clip with your beloved daddy-friends!