This Man Took a Scoop of Ice-cream and Turned It Into Something Really Awesome

When the sun is out, the scorching heat coming from it makes us want to go out of the beach every time. And when the summer time comes, who doesn’t want to eat cold comforting foods such as milk shakes, smoothies and of course… ICE CREAM! This cooling dessert with an oh so creamy texture and rich flavor certainly makes us smile even when it’s hot outside.

But what this man did to a bowl of normal ice cream made my eyes roll into awesomeness! Even on my wildest imagination, I never thought that ice creams could be fried! Yes folks, there’s such a thing called fried ice cream rolls! Think we’re just playing tricks on you? Here’s the video on how it’s made!

Video from: YouTube

This handmade fried ice cream rolls was taken on the streets of Ko Phi Island in Krabi, Thailand. Indeed, this Southeast Asian country has a lot of things to offer besides beautiful beaches and warm people. Instead of using fire, which will literally melt the ice cream into its liquid state, a very cold metal plate was used instead to fry the dessert.

After seeing this video, I just want summer to come in so that I could taste this bowl of awesomeness right on its full glory. What would be your favorite topping then? Cookies and cream or peanut butter cashew sprinkles? Share this post to your friends who don’t believe you that fried ice cream rolls really do exist!