Funny Wi-Fi Wars At Its Finest? These 10 Are The Best!

Nowadays, internet is more than just a luxury but a true necessity. Connecting to the World Wide Web allows you to do unimaginable things right at the comfort of your own home. You can shop online, research things without going to the library, work from home, do business deals in your own bedroom, watch movies on your computer, and many more.

If from before we are happy with blazing fast wired internet connection, the technology of today made things even better. With Wireless Fidelity or simply known as Wi-Fi, now we can connect to the internet without those irritating cables. Getting a stable wireless router is important but securing and naming it is yet another story. Just like these 10 funny Wi-Fi wars, renaming your router can sometimes spark a huge battle over your neighbors!


1. Next time you rename that router, be very careful with your grammar!

2. A vegetarian versus carnivorous!

3. Blame it to the walls… they should be sound proof!

4. Why not use the internet to read latest news?

5. Another Wi-Fi war over grammar!

6. Neighbor complaints? Use your Wi-Fi!

7. Okay… there’s just too much information on this one. 🙂

8. Yeah right… you lock your router dumb***!

9. And this cooperative neighbor following rules.

10. Sure Batcave is ranting about data capping limits!

H/T to: guff

Wheew! These funny Wi-Fi wars are totally hilarious! I wonder how guests will react when they ask for your Wi-Fi name, I can’t imagine the disbelief on their faces! What’s your Wi-Fi name? Share it on the comments section below and don’t forget to link this post to your friends!