Could This Be The Future Of Home TVs? Then I Can’t Wait!

When it comes to high quality displays, Samsung is the name to beat. They have been in the business for so long but we see no signs of stopping from this Korean giant. As a proof, Samsung recently unveiled their most latest display technology – the Mirror and Transparent Samsung OLED displays. The company showcased these amazing screens at the Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong.

If you’re wondering how in this world we’re going to use these transparent screens, Samsung gives us a preview by demonstrating them as ad billboards and virtual necklace stand. But if on the other hand you don’t want ad billboards expensively tucked inside your living room, shoppers will be so delighted to know that these transparent and mirror Samsung displays can give them a very luxurious shopping experience.


A 55-inch Transparent Samsung OLED Display

Paired with Intel’s RealSense Technology, customers can use these high-tech mirrors to see what clothes and jewelries will look like on them before they actually try the real thing. And folks this is so true because the renowned jewelry company Chow Sang Sang has had their first taste of this technology – the virtual necklace display.


Samsung’s Mirror OLED Display in 55 inches.

While there are tons of mirror displays already out in the market; Samsung claims that their OLEDs are sharper, clearer, colorful, and has higher contrast with faster response times. Well, Samsung should really invest an effort to make these dreams a near reality because other companies are already developing their own virtual fitting rooms and interactive ad displays.


With new forms of technology being born every hour and every minute, I won’t be surprised if the next TV I am purchasing would double as a mirror or transparent wall divider! WOW… if that’s case what would TV look like in the next 20 to 30 years? Are you impressed with these latest Samsung OLED displays?