He Puts Something On the Sandwich that Made Me so Hungry!

I must admit, grilled cheese sandwiches are my ultimate favorite. Whether they are plain grilled cheese or those with succulent fillings, the crunchy outside and the sharpcheddary inside makes me so want to forget about my diet! Uhh… with the calories! Who cares as long as they are grilled cheese!

Yet with this man, the goodness of the butter and cheese are not enough to make an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. To make things extra tasty, extra crunchy, extra creamy, (and extra fattening); adding a second layer of cheese on the outside is the only solution. Say hello to this inside out grilled cheese sandwich that will make you go CRAZY HUNGRY!

The ingredients that this recipe calls for are simple; butter, extra sharp cheddar cheese and thick white bread. For the procedure on how to make this ultimate inside out grilled cheese sandwich, here’s the video.

Video from: YouTube

Did you hear the crunchiness of the bread? OMG… it makes me so want to eat that slice of heaven right now! If he puts a tablespoon of cheddar cheese on the outside of the sandwich, I’m putting two on my own version. Call me a hungry monster if you want but that is an extra layer goodness so why not! 🙂 Share this to your friends and in no time, you’ll be ruining their diets!