He Slather a Vaseline on his Camera & The Result is Shocking!

Nowadays, we take a photo of just about anything. From the products we use, the clothes we wear, food that we eat, places we visit, people we are with, events, moments… literally we take a snap of everything in this world! Even Fido and Mimi are included on our picture posts. Our smartphones and cameras must have been so feed up with our not so high quality photos.

But how can we take studio quality pictures if what we have are basic cameras and little to no formal training at all? Thankfully, there are proven effective camera tricks that can turn ordinary looking photos into professional-quality pictures without any fuss! Okay we don’t want you to wait any further, here’s the 12 camera hacks you need to know right now.

1. To make stylized vintage photos, slather Vaseline around the edges of your camera.

2. For a unique pic, these DIY bokeh shapes will do the trick.

3. A lens hood made from coffee sleeve.

4. Need a studio style lighting snoot? Try an empty container of Pringles 😉

5. To reduce camera shake, use a bowl of lentils covered with fabric.

6. Ring flash are expensive, but this one is cheap yet effective!

7. Create a photo haze with sandwich bag, this will look good on portraits!

8. To make boring pictures standout, use some DIY backdrops.

9. No shutter remote around? Use your phone with the aid of Trigger Trap.

10. Wet camera no more with this DIY rain-proof camera bag!

11. To bounce camera flash, use a simple business card.

12. Make an inexpensive light diffuser from an empty milk carton

Source: camera.diply

It’s amazing how simply things around us can enhance the look of our photos. Who would have thought that Vaseline can make stylized pictures? Though, just clean it thoroughly afterwards to prevent oil smudges on your lens. With these superb camera hacks, now I can take photos just like a PRO! Your friends will surely love these tips so don’t forget to share it with them.