He throw this Coffee Cup & What happens Next is Remarkable!

Every day we consume tons and tons of coffee from all parts of the world. This jolting caffeinated drink makes us alive and kicking, especially after a night out booze. From Asia to America, people drink coffee at least once every morning. While for some, it is an elating habit that is just too addictive to stop.

For this, a creative company based in California called Reduce. Reuse. Grow has come up with an eco-friendly coffee cup that is way more than just being biodegradable. Recyclable coffee cups are common, there’s nothing new about it. But with this unique and totally smart coffee cup, you might want to expect the unexpected!

Part of the project “Plant Trash” which is led by Alex Henige, this plantable coffee cup has seeds on its walls that when planted will grow! Yes, throw that used coffee cup into the soil and in no time, it will be a luscious green foliage, or even a beautiful flowering plant.


Seems like an ordinary coffee cup right? But look at those raised spots, they are the seeds!

Planting these coffee cups requires no green thumb, which is great for people just like me who can’t grow even the hardiest plant ever!

Don’t worry about the scalding heat of your coffee as it will not affect the germinating capabilities of the seeds. The plantable coffee cups uses a special paper liner that absorbs most of the heat coming from the coffee without actually affecting the seeds. As long as the seeds don’t come in direct contact with the coffee, they are fine.


Anatomy of the plantable coffee cup.

When launched and used worldwide, this thing can make our air refreshingly clean!

Photos from: boredpanda

Hats off to Alex Henige for making this very inspiring “green” project come to life. I am sure, Mother Nature is smiling at you right now! The world’s first plantable coffee cup is currently accepting funds thru its Kickstarter Campaign so you might want to share a dime and together let’s make this amazing crusade possible. Share this to your friends and start throwing coffee cups everywhere! Except on concrete sidewalks of course…